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Baking with me | Making Toffee Apples

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

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Hello Beautiful People.

I have a sweet treat for you all...

T o f f e e A p p l e s !

Who doesn't love a good toffee or candy apple, especially around this time of year. This is why I've decided to share with you all how I created these yummy

toffee apples.

This post will be short but really sweet. So let's get started...

M a k i n g T o f f e e A p p l e s

The other day I was in the mood for a toffee apple. Now I'm not talking about your regular sugar, candy apple with the red food colouring! I'm talking about an apple dipped and smothered in actual melted toffee. So it had to be done!

I headed out that evening around 10 o'clock, with plans of getting ingredients to make my toffee apples. I already had it in my mind what I was looking for so I didn't bother following a recipe, all I knew I needed was toffees and apples. That's exactly what I got.

So here's how I made my toffee apples...

(Disclaimer: I am no chef, neither did I follow a recipe by a professional, this is just a method that happened to work for me, apologies if I lack accuracy).


Dairy Toffees (400g)

Green apples (As many as you want)

Water (3 tablespoons)

Olive Oil (Just a drop)

Vanilla extract ( 1/2 teaspoon)


1 Baking tray


Lolly-pop sticks (I used bamboo sticks as I forgot)

A wooden spoon

1 Saucepan


Firstly get a your baking tray, cover it with foil and then grease the foil (I used olive oil for this) ; this ensures that the toffee apples do not stick to the pan.

Once this is complete, get your apples (wash them) and put your lolly-pop sticks through the top, to about half-way in the apple, so that you have the sticks half-way poking out. Once this is complete place them on your baking tray.

Next get your saucepan, and pour in your water, place it on your stove at a low heat. Slowly add in your toffees, depending on how much toffee you plan on making, keep adding water until you feel it's preventing the toffees from sticking to your pan, not too much! Continue to stir with your wooden spoon until the toffee is soft and melted (Here's a tip, grease your spoon with oil so that the toffee doesn't stick to it).

Now add your vanilla extract & make sure you continue to stir!

Once your toffees are perfectly melted, (to prevent them from burning I kept my stove on a low heat the whole time, doing this may make things longer but it's all about being cautious!) grab your apples and one by one stir them into the hot toffee.

Here's another tip, I found that my toffee kept on sliding down to the bottom of my apples. To prevent this from happening and to ensure your apples are completely smothered, take your covered apple out of the toffee, allow to cool down and then double dip! In fact keep dipping until you're satisfied lol.

Once all apples are covered, place them back on the tray and leave them on the side to cool down. Whilst you wait, make sure to start your washing up! As the toffee hardens pretty quickly I found that putting water in my saucepan, adding washing up liquid and putting it on the stove again at a low heat for about 10 minutes, makes the toffee soften and easier to clean up!

Now that your toffee apples are cool, place them in the fridge for about 25 minutes and once they are solid then you can enjoy!!!!!

Even though my toffee apples weren't perfect, they were delicious and I cannot wait to make these again!

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