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Hello Beautiful People.

I thought I would do a quick post explaining how I do my braids.

Now this isn't a tutorial as I didn't take any step by step photos (I hope to film a video one day though) but I do hope to give a little insight on what I used to create this hair look.

B o x B r a i d s

Here's what I use to do my box braids-

1). 3 packets of braid extensions- £1.99 each (sold in Afro/Caribbean Hair Shops)

2). ECO Styling Gel, 3). Argan Oil Hair Mask,

4). Ice Hair Mask, 5) Indian Hemp Hair Treatment

6). Gold Hair Beads

I use these products, not only to do my braids but to prep my hairs before the braiding. It's important to wash your hair before putting your braids in, clean healthy hair is essential to prevent damage. Also, I like to use a hair mask and to deep condition my hair.

Braiding my hair is such a long process, you are basically plaiting/merging the extension into your natural hair. I like to use the ECO Styling gel, to slick my edges, also I use the hemp treatment to oil my scalp, as I don't want the exposed scalp to be dry.

Although it's such a long process, I really love putting my hair in braids. It's a protective hairstyle, which means my actual hair is safe to grow and be it’s natural self under the braids.

I honestly love adding these gold beads to my braids, they really finish the look as a whole. 

I also love how versatile braids are, you can pretty much do any style with them. Here's another look I did a few months ago-

There you have it guys... I hope you enjoyed this post.

I wanted to create this post to express my appreciation and love for my black hair.


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