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Carfume Review

Updated: Mar 3

C a r f u m e* R e v i e w | The Perfect Perfume for your Car

Hello Beautiful People.

Today’s post is a review about the brand Carfume, a company that offers luxury unique fragrances designed for your car.

Now when I was first approached by Carfume to write this review, I made it pretty clear that I do not have a car so therefore, I couldn’t write a review about a car fragrance but this is why this review is so important. The word needs to be spread that this product is multi use and that just because it’s designed for cars, it’s not only for cars and that's why I'm here.

*Items shared in this post have been gifted to me by Carfume- this, however, does not influence my opinion on the product and all responses in the post are my genuine opinions.

I was kindly gifted this product, so I could try it out and share my honest opinions with my readers. So let’s start from the beginning.

W h a t i s C a r f u m e ?

The Company -

Carfume specialises in vegan friendly, fragrances that are contained in cute, hand painted bottles. The company value the concept of people “Driving Happy” and doing so they've provided a product that can match your mood. They have various scents to choose from, you can legit get luxury, well known fragrances such as Alien, Lady Million, Invictus and many more, to have as a car scent.

The Product -

I received a cute blue Carfume fragrance in a scent that I’m not too sure of as it didn’t say on the package unfortunately; obviously this wont be a problem if you’re buying it yourself online but mine was a PR- gifted one, so that’s why I didn’t get to choose. The scent of the one I have is so lovely though, it’s a sweet scent almost like the smell of the sweets. When I come to think of it, I might have received the limited edition love hearts range they recently brought out for Valentine’s Day. Either way, I love the scent! Lol.

The product comes with simple instructions on how to activate the fragrance bottle. Simply, remove the plastic cork inside the bottle and then tightly screw back on the wooden, cork lid. Then, tip the bottle upside down, until the tip of the wooden cork starts to get wet, and "scents come marching in".

My Thoughts -

The fragrance is not overpowering but for someone using it in my room, i completely understand why this is the case. I can imagine in a car, the scent will take over perfectly and make your car smell amazing!

As someone not using this product in a car, I decided to place my fragrance charm oh my jewellery stand, right by my bed. This was a great decision because every time i lay in bed, I'm surrounded by the sweetest of smells! I keep forgetting it’s there and I wonder "what’s that lovely smell " but then I remember it’s not just my wonderful body odor and it's in fact my little fragrance charm.

I think I’ve placed this product in the best place in my room, as it’s nice to smell something sweet first thing in the morning. However, as it’s such a small piece, don’t expect this to fill a large space- think of it more as a little, mood-boosting charm that'll create the perfect ambiance in the perfect area of a room. For example, if you practice mindfulness and like to meditate, you might want to place this bottle near where you lay or practice, the scent will appear now and again and may stimulate a good vibes/emotions. You could even place it on an ornament or shrine, every time you are near that object and smell your Carfume fragrance, this may increase your mood- just like if you had an air-freshener device.

I can't express enough that this product is small, so it's of course ideal for cars but works well in small places as well. I'm sure my experience using Carfume would be better if I actually had it in a car, nevertheless I'm appreciating waking up to scent of sweetness every morning- I've also had it for a while and it's still very pungent.

Anyways, thank you Carfume for allowing me to try out your product and share my opinion on it! Be sure to try out Carfume for yourself - https://carfume.co.uk/

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