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Easy Breakfast Quesadillas

B r u n c h W i t h M e | E a s y B r e a k f a s t Q u e s a d i l l a s

Hello Beautiful People.

Welcome to another 'Brunch With Me' post, I do hope you all enjoyed my first post about easy smoothie bowls- if you haven't checked it out then click here. In today's post, I'll be sharing a quick and easy breakfast quesadilla recipe that I enjoyed. It was my first time making a quesadilla so much as a breakfast one so I was winging it but they turned out to be very tasty. Anyways, let's get started...

B r u n c h W i t h M e

A l l y o u n e e d i s -

Mini Tortilla Wraps

1 egg

2x Cheese Slices

2x Gouda Cheese Slices

2x Rashers of Bacon



This recipe is for a quick and easy breakfast quesadilla but by all means, you can add other ingredients such as tomatoes, spring onions etc or spices for a more flavoursome, unique quesadilla!

3 E a s y S t e p s

S t e p 1 -

Scramble your egg, add some salt and pepper for flavouring. Then fry your bacon- I like to use smoked bacon but you can use any type- vegan bacon, beef bacon, unsmoked pork bacon, turkey bacon etc. After frying your bacon, chop it up and mix it into your scrambled egg.

S t e p 2 -

Place 1 tortilla wrap in a warm pan, with low heat, add a slice of sliced cheese and a slice of the gouda cheese. Then add your mixed scrambled egg and bacon on top. Finally, add the rest of the cheeses and your final tortilla wrap on top.

S t e p 3 -

Flip your quesadilla over and flatten with a spatula until it's flat and perfectly crisp. Then plate your quesadilla, cut into four pieces and enjoy...

Swipe across to see me making the quesadillas.

And there you have it guys, a quick and easy brunch idea of breakfast quesadillas.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, let me know in the comments below if you're thinking about trying this or if you've tried it before and love it.

Enjoy :)


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