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EcoPanda UK Review

Updated: Jan 22

E c o P a n d a R e v i e w | B a m b o o C o t t o n B u d s

Hello Beautiful People.

Happy New Year! & Welcome back to another post.

In this post, I will be sharing my first impressions on the bamboo cotton buds I was kindly, gifted by the company EcoPanda.

So let's get started.

About the Company

EcoPanda UK is a small brand that specialises in sustainable products, they're key plan is to support the exchange of plastic products to eco-friendly, solutions. Established in 2019, EcoPanda uses raw materials in their products to replace conventional products with environmentally friendly alternatives.

About the Product

EcoPanda's Bamboo Cotton Buds are 100% plant-based, made from organic cotton and bamboo wood. The cotton buds are also nicely stored in a handmade, natural, wicker basket.

My Impressions

When this package arrived, I was instantly impressed by the recycled packaging it came in, this is something very valuable to me as I believe it's important that more companies use recycled packaging on their products.

I absolutely love the wicker basket the cotton buds come in, it's natural look makes it a perfect piece of home decor. It's also a sturdy container and I'm sure once I've finished using the buds I can either use the basket as storage or replace the buds, either way, this basket is a beautiful addition to any room.

The bamboo cotton buds, in my opinion are a lot more better than the plastic ones and are a great, sustainable alternative. The cotton is really soft and delicate, it also doesn't shred like I find a lot of cotton buds do. These cotton buds are ideal for everyday use, they're very strong and sturdy due to the bamboo wood. I would definitely recommend purchasing these cotton buds as they're perfect for everyday functions.

Feel free to check out EcoPanda- I highly recommend that people support more sustainable brands as it's so important for our planet! Please do as much as you can to help save this planet, the little things really count!

Link to site - https://myecopanda.com/shop/

EcoPanda Products available on Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B082TR6MK4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_T2RcGb52EXWRC


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