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Just Smile UK Review

J u s t S m i l e U K

A c t i v a t e d C h a r c o a l T e e t h W h i t e n e r | R e v i e w

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Hello Beautiful People.

How are we?

Today's blog post is another review as I love sharing with you all, products that I've tried and loved or have had something to say about.

#Gifted- I was luckily gifted this product to try and review. This review reflects a genuine review of this product, for more info visit my sites disclaimer page.

This product here is a product that I've been raving on about for some time now and I feel it's about time I share with you all my overall view on it.

So let's get started...

W h a t i s J u s t S m i l e U K ? Just Smile UK is a London based company that has created a teeth whitening product.

W h a t i s t h e p r o d u c t ? This product is an activated charcoal formula, that contains 100% natural ingredients, used to help whiten your teeth.

I n g r e d i e n t s -

Coconut Activated Carbon - 96%

Bentonite Clay - 3.5%

Organic Mint Extract - 0.4%

Organic Orange Peel Extract - 0.1%

H o w d o e s i t w o r k ? This activated charcoal helps whiten your teeth by changing the pH balance in your mouth. Click here to find out more!

More information on this product can be found here.

M y e x p e r i e n c e -

When I first received this item I was so excited to try it out as I'd been wanting a teeth whitener for some time now. Having naturally white teeth already, I was looking for something that would be subtle but would also show some kind of difference (because what's the point in using it). I came across Just Smile UK via twitter and I emailed them asking to be apart of their referral program, with immediate response I received a discount code for my followers to use and a personal one so that I could buy this product to test out. I paid £10.51 for my own tub as I received a 25% discount. The product is currently 50% off and costs £12.99, plus receive an extra 10% off with my discount code! (see below).

Once my product came I started using it straight away. I was also sent a bamboo toothbrush with my product which I use to brush my teeth with.

The product itself has a grainy texture and has no particular flavour (which I personally prefer to a minty taste). When using this product I recommend you brush your teeth using a minty tooth paste or chew some gum afterwards to ensure that your breath smells good. Not saying that this product makes your breath smell lol but it doesn't make your morning breath disappear.

I find that this product takes a while to rinse off as it's a purely black powder, so it does tend to make your teeth look grey when using it. However, trust me on this one guys, keep brushing thoroughly and rinse off well to ensure all black product is removed.

D o e s i t w o r k ?

In my opinion, yes it does work. I've found that since I've been using it, many people have complimented my teeth for being "so white". Although, many who know me and have known me for a while, know I've always had really white teeth (it's just my thing lol not boasting); so this is why I decided to take progression pictures to show the results.

Disclaimer- None of these pictures have been edited in anyway, sorry for the awful quality! *Month 3's image was taken whilst I was at my computer screen hence why the image is different. Month 1 and Now pictures were taken in the same spot in my bathroom, facing the same direction.

pic1- Month 1, pic 2- Month 3 & pic 3- Now

As you can see from these images my teeth are fairly white and my smile has become brighter!

H o w t o u s e i t -

First wet your tooth brush. Then dip your brush into the black powered formula and brush your teeth like normal! Simple, easy like 1,2,3.

That's it for my Just smile UK review! Thank you for reading, if you have any questions then please leave a comment in the box below or check out https://www.justsmileuk.co.uk/ .



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