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My A/W Skin Care Routine

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Hello Beautiful People,

I'm so happy to finally be back! It has taken me so long to relaunch my blog site it's been more than a year ( I feel awful!). A lot of things have held me back from relaunching my blog and writing new posts but that's all boring, the point is I am back and I finally have new content to share with you all so let's get started!

M y A / W S k i n C a r e R o u t i n e

Recently I have been loving taking care of my skin, especially since catching the best tan this summer and realising how beautiful my skin is (#melaninpoppin!). I've taken so much pride into taking care of my skin and all summer I kept on purchasing various skincare products trying my best to find a set of products that would continue to give my skin that summer glow even when the weather gets colder.

T h e P r o d u c t s

- Superdrug Naturally Radiant Refreshing Complete Cleanser

- Nip+Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Cleansing Fix

- Pixi Glow Tonic

- Astral Shea Butter

- Pure Coconut Oil

- Pixi Rose Glow Mist

Now I know that there's a lot of products listed here but I don't always use all these products in my daily routines. I do tend to use the majority of these products daily but as I said before not all because I feel like the more simple a routine is the better the results. However, To get the ultimate glow I will use all these products alongside a face mask once a month. Anyways, Let's get started, here's a step by step guide to getting beautiful glowing skin this Autumn.

M y R o u t i n e

C l e a n s i n g -

Firstly, it's important to clean your skin, you don't want to apply products on top of old products. Therefore, I like to thoroughly wash my face with warm water and a damp muslin cloth. Then I apply Superdrugs' refreshing complete cleanser, this cleanser comes out as a foam and is good at giving your skin that squeaky clean finish. I love this range by Superdrugs as it's cost-effective and does such a great job, I also recommend they're hot cloth cleanser, it's amazing but I haven't used it in a while so it's not in my A/W routine.

This product is of course vegan, cruelty free products are a must!

After I use this cleanser I go onto using the Nip+Fab exfoliate glycolic cleansing fix, this product is probably my holy grail product of this year. Never have I used a skincare product that shows results instantly! It leaves your skin feeling super soft and looking clear and glowy. It exfoliates without using some scrubbing particles such as sugar or coffee.

Once I rinse this product off and dry my face I then use my Pixi glow tonic, I only use this product occasionally as I don't like using too many glycolic acid-based products as I don't feel this is very good for your skin but as I'm no expert I could be wrong. I apply this Pixi glow all over my face using a cotton pad and leave it to work its magic.

M o i s t u r e -

Next, it's time to moisturise, it's important to moisturise once all previously used products have dried up as this develops the products and allows your skin to reach that ultimate final glow. Plus dry skin to me is one of the worst feelings. I use my favourite product moisturiser astral, it's an oil-based cream that leaves your skin shiny and smooth. I love the shea butter one as it smells amazing but this product also comes in a cocoa butter and a non-fragranced version as well. Ensure to use only a small amount of astral, as it gives you enough coverage in with such a small amount.

Finally, I love to apply a very small amount of pure coconut oil on my face as well, I find this locks in the moisture and my skin remains super soft all day. I also apply this all over my body before I take a shower, I promise you this will change your showering experience for the better!

T h e F i n a l T o u c h

As for that final touch to an already refreshing skincare routine, I love to use the Pixi rose glow mist. This has been one of my favourite products for the past 3 years or so, it is rather expensive but most definitely worth the price! I usually use the original glow mist but I recently started using the rose version as I love the smell, it reminds me a lot of the Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray. This product has it's own added sparkle that I've yet to find in another facial spray, it leaves your skin glowing for hours just after a few spritzes. It is the perfect final touch to a glowy skincare routine, It's oil-based formula enhances your skin's natural glow.

And that's it my beauties, I hope you all enjoyed this new post! I am so happy to be back blogging and sharing content with you all. Leave a comment below and let me know what products you'll be using this autumn!


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