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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

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Hello Beautiful People

Sorry, it's been a while since I've written a post, I've been really focused on growing my Instagram lately and it's been taking up a lot of my time. But now, I'm back!

In today's post, I will be showing you how I "jazzed up" a gorgeous, buttoned-down, all-black dress so that it's got that extra pop!

This is the first of many "style with me" posts I want to introduce to my blog and I'm super excited.

So, let's get started...

This post contains a PR Sample from Select Fashion.

This summer, I was kindly gifted this beautiful, all-black, buttoned dress from Select Fashion UK. I absolutely loved the style of this dress, the colour, the soft cotton material and it's cute, brown buttoned style. It's a long length dress with an open split bottom, which makes it perfect for summer/autumn day wear.

However, as this dress is fairly simple, I felt it was the perfect blank canvas to style and accessories for any occasion. So, in this post, I'll be showing you guys what accessories I added to this dress to make it the perfect summertime black dress. The aim for me was to create a perfect look, for that post quarantine lifestyle, first drinks out, summer evening outfit (what a mouthful lol); and feel I've easily accomplished just that, so let's see how I styled this dress.

First, I wanted to add something that would make this dress look different but also keep its subtle style; so, I decided to add a different belt. This dress already came with a plain black belt, which perfectly pulls in your waist but I felt like the pop of gold really allowed this dress to look fancier. When styling any outfit with accessories, always remember how important it is to pick one consistent metallic accessory colour. I hate when people clash gold, silver and bronze in one outfit, just stick to one colour and the outfit looks way more put together and classy. I picked gold because black and gold are as perfect together as strawberries and cream, it's the perfect pairing.

Now, I could have easily paired this dress with a cute cardigan or another large accessory like a large sun hat but I felt like it was important to find accessories that would compliment the dress and not take away from the original style. Of course, you can add a cute denim jacket to this or even a black leather jacket for chillier nights but I think the dress alone is already a statement piece. I found the gold belt really draws people to the dress and doesn't take away from the dresses look, like the beautiful buttons.

Next, I've added some cute pieces of gold jewellery; a gold long chain, some earrings and some bangles. I found that the more gold I added to this look, the more the dress itself stood out as the bold black colour is clearly unmissed.

Finally, I paired this dress with my gold slides and a small wicker side bag to finalise this look. I wanted the accessories to be bold as this dress is fairly simple. What I love the most about dresses like this is that they can look great by themselves or with various accessories to change up its style.

So, there you have it my loves, a simple but cute outfit perfect for going out on a summer's evening. I thoroughly enjoyed styling this dress and I can't wait to see what other ways I can 'jazz it up'. If you're interested in this dress by Select Fashion I've linked it at the bottom of this post! (not an affiliate link).

Dress link - https://www.selectfashion.co.uk/clothing/s051-0406-008_black.html


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