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Trying Out Fenty Beauty

F i r s t T i m e r R e v i e w | T r y i n g O u t F e n t y B e a u t y

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Hello Beautiful People.

I am honestly trying my best to be a consistent blogger whilst working full time and so far I am finding it so hard but I guess I've just got to find a routine that works for me. On that note, I am finding it beneficial to write shorter posts as I am more likely to finish them quicker. Therefore, please expect a few shorter posts now and again. Anyways, today's post is a mini review about the Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Kit.

T h i s   k i t   i s   h o n e s t l y   t h e   c u t e s t ! 

My sister got this for me and I am so grateful she did as I desperately wanted to try out Fenty Beauty after reading some amazing reviews and finally I got to try it. What I love about this is that it is a mini kit so it is perfect for first time triers.

W h y ?

I personally think if you're going to try out makeup products that are clearly hyped up by beauty lovers but are lowkey cost quite expensive, then it is best to get mini versions of the products (if available) or samples, as you will be spending a lot less money as these products are usually much cheaper.

C o s t o f t h i s p r o d u c t -

So, for both the infamous Killawatt highlight in the shade Hustla Baby and the gorgeous Gloss Bomb, in a mini version it will set you back only £19 in Harvey Nichols.

The products are truly small but if I am honest, I don't see it running out anytime soon- you don't need to use a lot product as it is that good!

W h a t d o I t h i n k o f t h e p r o d u c t s ?

K i l l a w a t t H i g h l i g h t

K i l l a w a t t   H i g h l i g h t

I really love this highlight so far, I have used it already quite a few times and I love the glow it adds to my looks! It is a gorgeous shade, not too golden but not subtle. This highlight will easily have you spotted out in a crowd because you will be shining bright like a diamond !

In all honesty, I am glad I got this mini version as I have loads of highlights that I've tried and wasted because I've hated them eventually but this mini version allows me to try it out and if I really love it (which I pretty much do) I can then purchase a bigger version once this runs!

As shown in the picture above, the glow of this highlight is perfectly tamed as well as very visible and stands out beautifully. The product does not over highlight and leaves you looking like a shiny tin man but in the most subtle way ever.

G l o s s B o m b L i p G l o s s

The infamous gloss bomb really does live up to its hype! It is the perfect amount of gloss and will have your lips fairly shiny and not sticky at all. I hate lip glosses that give you that sticky feeling on your lips, you don't want to feel your lipgloss on your lips, it should feel light and this gloss definitely has that texture.

I love the shade of this gloss, it doesn't have much colour and is a lovely nude so it gives you a lovely slight tint when you wear it by itself but is also perfect to wear on top of a coloured lip. I also love the fact that this gloss doesn't leave a nasty taste in your mouth like I find a lot of glosses that have a nice smell do. In fact this gloss doesn't have a taste at all which is perfect! I just love this gloss and I will most defo be getting the bigger version.

Overall, I am very pleased with both products I have tried by Fenty Beauty and I really look forward to trying more products. If you have any questions about the products featured in this post, then feel free to leave a comment below.

What products would you like to try from Fenty Beauty?


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