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Valentine's Day Special

L o v e , L i q u i d L i p s t i c k s & L i n g e r i e

A V a l e n t i n e ' s D a y S p e c i a l

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Happy Valentine's Day Beautiful People.

I know it's been a while since I last posted, I've been so busy trying to set up my new website. I thought I would give you guys a little Valentine's Day treat as you guys have been so supportive of my work. I wasn't planning on making this post but I thought it would be fun to read.

So here goes...

 L o v e 

L o v e T h y S e l f , T r e a t T h y S e l f

Valentine's Day seems to only be about couples, cards, roses, presents, and a bunch of other commercialised gestures and therefore, it has become a very unpopular celebration. Whether you're single and feeling left out, broke or perhaps in a long term relationship, you may not feel overly excited when this heavily romanticised holiday comes around. However, in my opinion Valentine's Day is for everyone and everyone can partake, with no excuses, this is because this day serves a great purpose for you, yourself and well...you. You don't have to be all 'booed' up to enjoy this day because it's an excellent excuse of a day to...

Yes my beauties... Treat Yo Self... Don't just rely on someone else to be loving on you lol love yourself! Buy yourself something cute today, something you've always wanted! Take yourself out for dinner tonight, bear in mind if it's just you, you're more likely to be seated before all those hungry couples lol (but if you don't want to be alone, bring a friend! Just make sure they're up for treating themselves and willing to wait to be seated).

I treated myself to this cute red jumper from New Look, for the occasion...

 P.S. The occasion I'm celebrating is I love me too day 

If you're not quite in the position to spend money how about have a pamper day, alone or with a companion.

P a m p e r N i g h t

Pampering yourself whether it's alone or with someone else, is a perfect way to feel the love this Valentine's Day and doesn't really have to cost you anything (that's assuming you already have the products you want to use). How about tonight set yourself a lovely warm bath, pour in your favourite bubble bath, crumble up your nicest smelling bubble bar (like this one I got from Lush), plop in a bath bomb you're obsessed with, light some candles and relax. Then After that paint your nails a gorgeous bright colour and lay in bed, relax and eat some chocolate covered strawberries. Or Ask your companion for a massage, there's nothing more relaxing than a nice massage, plus giving a massage is a nice way to show someone you care & that you love them, aw.

L i q u i d L i p s t i c k s

4    R e d    L i q u i d    L i p    S h a d e s 

Here are four beautiful shades of red liquid lipsticks that will look perfect this Valentine's Day. Whether you're planning on wearing a bright red lip to go with a nude makeup look or a dark shade to go with that smokey eye look you love, these four liquid lipsticks are great choices!

From the lightest shade, to the darkest-

1). Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream (Rioja Red)

2). MUA MakeUp Academy Luxe Lip Lacquer (Reckless)

3). MUA MakeUp Academy Luxe Lip Lacquer (Flair)

4) MUA MakeUp Academy Luxe Lip Lacquer (Blaze)

I love Liquid Lipsticks for their long lasting wear, so if you're planning on giving some kisses this Valentine's Day, or munching on lots of food, I guarantee that these lipsticks will survive all night!

B e a u t y L o o k : Q u e e n o f H e a r t s

 I created this look using the first 3 lipstick shades mentioned above! I love to create ombre lips and I rarely ever use just one lip colour on my lips. 

In this look, I used Oh Yours Beauty Milan lashes, and 5 red eyeshadows from 3 different palettes by my favourite makeup brand BlushTribe!

Feel Free to use this look for inspo, for tonight's date night look!

L i n g e r i e

A B r a l e t t e t o f i t t h e R o m a n t i c O c c a s i o n

I just fell in love with this gorgeous rose detailed bralette from Primark! It only cost me £8 and I thought it would perfect for today. If you're anything like me, matching underwear is a must have, but unfortunately I couldn't find the matching bottoms for this in my size :( I will just pair this with another black pair of undies instead!

There you have it guys, my very random Valentine's Day Special blog post!

I hope you enjoyed it.Please be sure to leave a comment, I would love to know what you guys have planned for today. I will being have a mini medieval feast with my boyfriend; this is our 6th V-day together so we've decided to keep things a little chilled. We will be celebrating a little on Saturday though.

Anyways my lovelies..


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